Our story began with the arrival of two havanese bichons in our home. They brought a lot of love, joy and happiness. We enjoyed daily walks and trips around Slovenia and abroad. Because we became a real family, we wanted to give them all the comfort, that the dog market offered us. They had the best food and all our attention, but it always went wrong, when we were looking for equipment for them. We realized, that the dog market offered us nothing, as we were constantly buying collars and leashes of inferior quality and bad looks, which we were not happy with. They contained artificial materials, such as polyester and plastic, and in most uninteresting monochrome colors. As we delved deeper into the search for beautiful, well-made accessories, we realized, that we simply cannot find what we were looking for. The idea of hand-crafting, eco-friendly, high-quality, and beautiful looking equipment came into mind.

So we started learning how to sew, make products and test durability and quality. Before the opening of Diog, it took us a year of pre-product preparation, design, production and refinement, as we wanted to offer our customers only the best. Our products are made of natural, environmentally friendly and sustainable materials, that are hand sewn and made to order in our sewing room.

Diog is intended for all, who appreciate the effort and uniqueness invested in each product we make. With our help, you can offer your pet the products made of best materials, that will look beautiful.


We're committed to offering top-quality products by consistently upgrading them with environmentally friendly materials. Sustainability is key in everything we do – from using natural materials to ensuring our packaging is biodegradable. This way, even when our products aren't perfect, we minimize our environmental impact. We actively recycle waste materials, and our goal is to make 80% of our products from sustainable materials in the near future, giving back to our planet.


Our core objective is to furnish pets with top-notch products, achieved through an extensive selection of handmade items. Guided by the principles of sustainable development, our strategy underscores a genuine commitment to environmental stewardship. Our motivation is rooted in a dedication to innovation and creativity, driven by the aspiration for a brighter and more sustainable future.