6 ways to make great dog pictures

Toy poodle breed, dog chest harness.

Social media is growing so fast, and the profiles with our pets are becoming more and more trendy! Doesn't matter what breed your pup is, or how small/big, you can make some awesome pictures using just your pup, some tricks and your phone/camera.

We have been photographing dogs for some time now for our brand, and we always get great results that get a lot of attention on social media profiles. After some time, we discovered some tricks and secrets to make some great shots that you can use for yourself, wall art, social media or anything else.


For some great pictures without the leash, it is crucial that your dog is familiar with recall, staying in place and coming to you. Even more perfect is your dog knowing more tricks, that can really be perfect for the ''shoot''. We love pictures with ''touching the nose'', ''hugging'', barking on command, making the ''marmot'', ''beg'' and so on… 

Basenji breed, dog collar.


INDOOR TIPS: Finding the right spot for your pictures is really important. If you want an indoor picture, make sure to have enough sunlight so the pictures are bright, calm and sharp. If you want only dog pictures with no background, you might invest in some backdrop (for using it more than once), or you can improvise with some white sheets. If you want to have a more diverse picture, use the room that you like the most, from light, furniture, colors or walls. If it is too dark, feel free to use some lights – flash on your phone might ruin the picture.

OUTDOOR TIPS: Of course you can use all locations that you are visiting, but you can also find some locations near your home, or even make a trip for some dog photos! We recommend quiet and not crowded locations to start, so your dog can be calm. Of course, the best pictures are made when your dog is calm and a little tired. Depending on your wishes, you can take great pictures in the forest, in the meadow, flower garden or in the city. You might also consider looking for locations that will give you great contrasts with your dog's fur (if you have a white dog, look for bright colored buildings, colorful flowers and so on).


When your dog sees you set up your walking accessories, he/she is over the moon to go and get CRAZY! That is why it is perfect to give your dog a great walk or play before going out for a photoshoot-so they can burn their extra energy. Of course, you know your dog best, so they maybe don't need to have a walk before. If you have a puppy or older dog, consider the length of the ''photoshoot'' so it is not too hard on them. When your dog is perfectly tired, they will be more interested in working with you, looking at you or following your instructions for getting the RIGHT picture!

Italian greyhound breed, dog chest harness, beautiful fabric.


Every dog is different, and we love them for it! Some of them love squeaky toys, and others love snacks! Consider that before you start shooting-so you can bring just what you need. When they sit and pose for the camera you can show them toys/snacks for them to look at the camera! And of course, reward them often and they will love taking pictures soon! And remember, be patient and calm-you two will get there!


Make sure you have your best accessories ON when taking pictures. We can all agree that dogs feel and look much more confident when having a new, gorgeous bow-tie on, or even his/her new collar/harness. Clean them up nicely and make sure to brush your dog for some beautiful looking fur!

Dog accessories, dog collars, handmade in Europe, small business.


Of course pictures need some retouch for getting the best of it! Mobile phones have so many different apps to help you with your pictures so feel free to use those. You can of course start with this kind of app - a lot of them are for free, or even use the ones you already have on your phone. Play around with some filters, other settings and get the look you would like to have.

If you are thinking of learning some more complex programs for photo retouch, keep in mind that it might take some time to get a hang on it. 

And the most important one, HAVE FUN! Make sure to enjoy every minute with your dog, experiment with locations, play, and make great memories in between.

Bichon havanese breed, dog chest harness, before after photography.

Feel free to write in the comments which tricks you do for some pictures, and if you have any suggestions on how to make great pictures! Enjoy some pictures of us, and our model group on our photoshoot!

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